The marine sweater is a local tradition. Utility, it is originally knitted by the companions of Breton sailors. From the XVIII century onwards, manufacturing techniques allowed for a tighter, almost waterproof knit It aims to withstand wind, rain and storms. For the sailors of Cancale, Granville, and Saint-Malo, it quickly established itself as an armor. […]


Picasso is known for successfully having modelled his own image. His ability to present himself through his style comes second only to his success as an artist —however, both bear the same motto: « learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist ». Picasso is conscious of his social surroundings and […]


Paul Weller was a key cultural figure in the second half of the twentieth century. Paul Weller’s 50 years of activity have made him a musical and stylistic icon. Youth between skinhead and mod aesthetics During his youth, he crossed mod and skinhead styles: fitted 3-button suits, Fred Perry or Ben Shermann polos, buttoned to […]


A young woman is bored with her husband, she decides to prostitute herself. This young woman, Severine Serizy, interpreted by Catherine Deneuve, is the central character of Belle du Jour. For this reason, if the red suit, brown turtleneck and little black dress she wears are regularly mentioned, the 3 male figures that mark the […]


What defines the height of a pair of trousers comes from the height of its fork. The fork is the length taken from the crotch to the belt. The larger it is, the higher are the pants. The height of trousers marks his time. However, trousers are historically worn the top of the trousers reaching […]


Historically, there is only one way to build a jacket: by wearing it. This is the proced technique used by tailors which consists of mounting a jacket using a cloth made of plant or animal materials, such as a mixture of wool and horsehair or wool and camel. This canvas serves as a foundation by […]

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