Any online purchase made on the website is subject to prior knowledge and acceptance of the present terms and conditions of sale.

Our general conditions of sale can be downloaded here.

Date of the last modification : 07/06/2022


  • Item: products of any kind offered for sale (e-commerce service) on the Site.
  • Customer: a non-commercial, natural person placing the Order, and holding full legal capacity.
  • Order: the commitment to purchase all Items selected by the Customer via the Site’s e-commerce service.
  • Website: website published by Husbands-paris and accessible at


The present general conditions of sale (hereinafter “GCS”) apply exclusively between any Customer and the company NICK GAB AND SONS (hereinafter “Husbands-paris”) whose head office is located at 57 rue de Richelieu 75002 PARIS registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under the number 531979474.

You can contact one of our team members on +33 (0) 6 50 98 22 50 or via the contact form on our Site, the chat or by email.

The GCS are applicable without restriction or reservation to all of the Items offered for sale on the Site.

Any Order on the Site is subject to prior knowledge and acceptance by the Customer of these GCS and applicable prices.

When a Customer clicks on the “I have read and accepted the general conditions of sale” button on the page dedicated to the validation of the Order is the equivalent of acceptance.

The present GCS take precedence over any other document.


The sale of Items on the Site is reserved exclusively for retail and individual sale.

In any case, the Site may not be used by Professional Sales Customers, alone or in groups, regardless of the method of product marketing (online marketplaces, shopping malls, intermediaries, physical stores, etc.).

The Customer consequently acknowledges and agrees that Items can only be purchased in quantities corresponding to the average needs of a consumer, and that this limits the number of Items Ordered in a single Order, as well as the number of individual Orders placed.

Husbands-paris reserves the right to refuse an Order that is clearly validated by a professional salesperson.

Every Customer declares to be informed of the lack of reliability of the Internet, especially in terms of secure data transmission, continuous access to the Site, and performance in terms of data volume and speed transmission as well as the spread of viruses.

Husbands-paris warns each Customer of the need to implement a security solution for all computer and mobile devices to prevent the spread of viruses.


Any person can freely create a Customer account through the “create an account” section: 

The creation of a Customer account is done by filling in the form proposed to the Customer of the Site.

This account is strictly personal and allows the Customer to identify himself before validating each Order.

When creating the Customer Account, the Customer enters the data that allows his identification under his full responsibility, control and direction, and undertakes to provide complete, accurate and up-to-date information, and not to use the information of a third party, nor mask or modify his or her own age.

When creating a Customer Account, the Customer chooses his Customer Name (email) and password.

If the chosen identifier is already assigned, the system prompts you to choose another one.

The identifiers and passwords are personal and confidential. If Husbands-paris takes all the necessary precautions and agrees to protect the personal data of its Customers, the Customer must in turn keep his or her password secret and not disclose it to a third party for any reason whatsoever.

In the case of suspicious Customer name and password usage by a third party, the Customer must immediately alert Husbands-paris in Order to change his or her password and /or close his or her account.

Husbands-paris reserves the right to close any Customer account and refuse any sale to a Customer in the event of a payment default concerning at least one previous Order. In this case, Husbands-paris sends an email to the Customer concerned at the address provided by the latter when creating his account to inform him of the deactivation of his Customer name and password and the closing of his account. 8 (eight) calendar days are then given to the Customer for observations to be made to Husbands-paris, in which period his or her Account will not be suspended.


Items available for sale are those listed on the Site. The offers are valid as long as they are visible on the Site.

Items are offered within the limit of the availability posted on the Site.

Husbands-paris reserves the right to withdraw, at any time, any Item on the Site and / or to replace or modify any information associated with the Items on this Site.

In the event of the unavailability of an Item after the Order has been placed, the Customer is informed by email, and the Order is cancelled or can be reprocessed by Customer Service.

Husbands-paris will refund the Order as soon as possible (7 days on average), and at the latest within 14 (fourteen) days following the cancellation of the Order.

Items on sale on this Site, are available for shipping worldwide.

The characteristics of the Items sold on the Site (photographs, graphics and descriptions of Items, etc …) are given as an indication and may vary over time. Only the visual of the Item displayed at the time of the Order must be taken into account by the Customer. The descriptions and visuals are non-contractual.

In the event of errors or omissions in the description of an Item, Husbands-paris liability shall be limited to reimburse the Customer’s reasonable costs for returning the Item.


Any Order implies a payment obligation.

The Customer declares to be at least 18 years old and to have the legal capacity, or if he is a minor, guarantees to have parental authorization to carry out the Order.

To place an Order, the Customer must follow the online purchase process and click on “Pay” to submit the Order.

The payment of the Order implies acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions, the price of the Items and the content of the Order.

After validation of the payment, Husbands-paris sends the Customer an e-mail confirming the Order.

Any Order is subject to the prior acceptance of Husbands-paris and is confirmed after receipt by the Customer of an email confirming the shipment of the Items.

Any Order may be refunded if it turns out that the conditions in which it was carried out have violated these Terms.

If the Customer does not receive any email following the Order, it is his responsibility to contact Husbands-paris customer service as described in Article 12 of the present Terms and Conditions.

Husbands-paris can in no way be held responsible in the event of an input error or in an error of transmission attributable to the Customer, which does not allow for the delivery of the confirmation email and/or the Order.

It is recommended that the Customer print the confirmation email of his Order.

For any question relating to the follow-up of an Order, the Customer must consult his account on the Site or contact the Customer service following the terms and conditions described in Article 12 of the present Terms and Conditions.


Prices are indicated on the Site in euro, pound sterling & american-dollar, all taxes included (TTC).

European Orders take into account the VAT and any reductions applicable on the day of the Order.

Customers ordering from countries not subject to VAT pay an amount including VAT, which includes administrative and/or customs charges that may be applied by the carrier. All Orders are shipped on a DDP (duty and tax paid) basis. Therefore, all necessary taxes and import duties are included in the final purchase price. There is no customs duty upon delivery of the Order.

Any new taxes or contributions, including environmental ones, are likely to be passed on through the selling price of the Items.

The prices of the Products include delivery charges (shipping and packaging according to the rates in effect).

Husbands-paris reserves the right to change the prices of the Items at any time, the Items billed are based on the rates in effect at the time of the validation of the Order.

The price of the Items invoiced is therefore the price indicated at the time of the Order.


Any Order implies an obligation of payment by credit card, bank account with sufficient funds or PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. The Order is definitive only from the complete payment of the price and the costs associated with the Order.

The price charged to the Customer is the price indicated in the confirmation of the Order sent to the Customer by email.

The Order is payable immediately, by credit card (CB, Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or payment account (PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay).

When paying by credit card, the Customer indicates his card number, its validity date and the cryptogram on the back of his credit card. The Customer’s bank verifies the Customer’s identity using the 3D Secure system.

Husbands-paris implements the 3D Secure payment system to guarantee the compliance of the transactions, to reinforce their security and to protect the information communicated by the Customer to Husbands-paris.

3D Secure is an authentication payment system created by the international issuers Visa (VISA Secure) and Mastercard (Mastercard SecureCode).

It enables the protection of the information that the Customer communicates to Husbands-paris, to guarantee the security of the transactions and their compliance.

At the time of payment, the Customer’s bank verifies the identity of the cardholder before validating the transaction.

In the event of a problem with 3D Secure, the Customer must contact his/her bank.

The identification procedure is a 3-step process:

  1. Validation of the basket and provision of bank details by the Customer.
  2. Verification of the identity of the card holder by the Customer’s bank: the Customer is transferred to his bank’s website. The authentication procedure is specific to each bank. He/She may be asked to enter: his/her date of birth, a code received by text message, the answer to a personal question, etc. The Customer must ensure that he/she is able to receive the 3D Secure identification’s text message.
  3. Finalisation of the order: following confirmation from the Customer’s bank, the Customer’s payment and the transaction are validated. The Customer receives an order confirmation by e-mail.

When paying by PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, the general terms and conditions of Paypal apply, no financial information is communicated to Husbands-paris. The Customer only needs to enter his/her email address and password.

Husbands-paris reserves the right to cancel an Order which would present a risk of bank fraud or a refusal of payment authorisation from banking organisations. Husbands-paris also reserves the right not to honour an Order from a Customer who has not paid in full for a previous Order or with whom a payment dispute is in progress.

The invoice, including delivery costs and VAT applicable on the date of the Order, is attached to the Items ordered.

The transactions carried out on the Site are entrusted to a secure online payment platform Paypal Braintree, whose registered office is 21 Rue de la Banque, 75002 Paris. For further information the Customer can consult the following website: This solution features highly secure pages for entering payment data: card number, expiration date and visual cryptogram.

This platform encrypts and then transmits the payment data to the bank, in complete confidentiality and inaccessible to a third party.

Payment in installments with PayLater by Paypal: 

PayLater is a payment solution by PayPal that allows you to pay in installments, available only in the following countries and the Customer hereby accepts Paypal’s general terms and conditions of sale, which can be found:

please note that the Customer has 60 minutes to complete the procedure when redirected to Paypal page • the order will be cancelled if the process is not completed in the specified time • if the payment has been processed after the specified time in Paypal page, the client must contact the Customer service


Items are available for worldwide delivery, and  shipping is taken care of by Husbands-paris.

The Customer will receive by email an Order confirmation number. The Customer will be informed of the different stages of his Order by email. The Customer will be informed of the different stages of his Order by email.

Shipments are announced by email to the Customer, to the e-mail address provided by the latter in the Customer Account.

The Customer is offered several delivery methods chosen by the Customer:

  • In-store delivery is free (Click & Collect)
  • Standard Home Delivery is free
  • Express Home Delivery has applicable fees that depend on the Order value.

In the event that the Customer chooses a Home Delivery:

  • With the shipping number, the Customer can follow the shipping progress on the carrier’s website.
  • The Customer is informed that it is his or her responsibility to provide all details necessary for the proper routing and delivery of the Order (access code, specific conditions of access, for example).
  • If the Customer is absent at the time of delivery, a notice of passage informs the Customer of the Terms of the retention of his parcel and its redelivery, under the full and exclusive responsibility of the carrier.
  • A delivery note is included in the package, summarizing the Items ordered and actually delivered.
  • The Customer entirely and exclusively assumes the risk of loss or damage of the Items from the moment of their delivery.

Husbands-paris also offers the Customer the opportunity to choose a free delivery in store : « Click & Collect »

  • To withdraw the Order, the Customer must arrive during the opening hours of the Husband-paris, at 57 rue de Richelieu, 75002 Paris (11am – 7pm) and provide a photo identity document as well as the confirmation email of the Order or the e-mail stating the availability of the Order.
  • The Customer has 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the receipt of the Order to withdraw it from the store.
  • Beyond 14 (fourteen) calendar days, the Order will be automatically cancelled: the Customer will be informed by e-mail of the cancellation of this Order and will obtain the refund of the price paid for his Order within 7 (seven) to 14 (fourteen) calendar days following the email cancellation.
  • The Customer assumes entirely and exclusively the risk of loss or damage to the Items from the moment of their withdrawal at the shop.


Items are delivered to the Delivery Address indicated by the Customer at the time of the Order.

Husbands-paris agrees that the delivery should be made within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from placing the Order.

In the event of a “Click & Collect » delivery, Husbands-paris agrees that the product will be available in-store upon purchase.

In the event of a late delivery that surpasses the above conditions, the Customer can contact the Husbands-paris Customer service to extend the delivery period. In case of non-compliance with this new deadline, the Customer may cancel the contract by e-mail or letter and be refunded for the Order.

In the event that the Order is canceled, the Customer will be refunded the price of the Order within 14 days of the date of cancellation.

Each delivery is deemed to have occurred as soon as the package is delivered to the Customer, as evidenced by the carrier’s control system.

If the package is damaged or if the Item does not correspond to the Customer’s Order, the return policy must be engaged within 14 (fourteen) calendar days after delivery, and according to the return procedure described in Article 11 below.


11.1 Right of retraction

Under Directive 2011/83 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights and Law No. 2014-344 of 17 March 2014 as transposed to Articles L. 221-18 et seq. of the Consumer Code, any consumer is entitled to cancel his Order at any time within 14 calendar days of the date upon which the Item(s) are received and this without having to justify any reason or to pay any penalty.

Under these Terms & Conditions, Husbands-paris wishes to extend the retraction period to 14 calendar days. This period expires 14 days after the day the Customer or a third party other than the carrier and designated by the Customer, physically takes possession of the Order.

To exercise his right of withdrawal, the Customer must notify Husbands-paris of his decision to withdraw on the Husbands-paris return platform by clicking on the following link: and following the return procedure indicated in Article 11.2 of these GCS.

After notification, the Customer must return the relevant Item (s) within a maximum of 14 days. This period is deemed to be respected if the Customer returns the relevant Item(s) before the expiry of the 14-day period.

Any retraction beyond the 14 days mentioned above can not be accepted.

Only a new Item, unworn and unsullied will be refunded. Only a new Item, unworn and unsullied will be refunded. The Item must be returned in its original packaging with all accessories accompanying the Husbands-paris Items (buttons, felt, labels, documents and so on).

The return can be made either by post or in shop following the process of Returns & Reimbursement.

11.2 Return policy

you can return your Items ordered on to the Husbands-paris store, 57 rue de Richelieu, 75002 Paris

to return your Items, from France, Europe or the world we use UPS:

the client must send an email to ‘’. We will provide the shipping label. All items can be returned at the Husbands-paris rive droite boutique, 57 rue de Richelieu, 75002 Paris

the returns are free if the client reached the minimum amount to benefit from the free standard delivery (consequently, in France, returns are always free)

otherwise, the return costs are charged to the client by the same amount as a standard shipment

the Customer must return the product(s) in its/their original packaging and the completed delivery slip

they must return all accessories accompanying the Items Husbands-paris (buttons, felt etc.. associated)
To request your return, please make sure to respect the return conditions

Refund options:

The Customer can choose 3 (three) different refund methods: refund to the Customer’s bank account linked to the card used at the time of payment, credit note or exchange. 

In the case of a refund:

The Customer is refunded the amount of their Order to the Customer’s account linked to the payment method used at the time of payment.

In the case of a credit note: 

The Customer receives a gift card for the amount of the returned Order. Husbands-paris gift cards are valid in store and on, and can be used on all ready-to-wear Items and made-to-Order. The gift card is usable for a period of one year after receipt of the card and can be used in one or more times. 

In the case of an exchange:

The Customer exchanges their Article for the same Article in a different size or for an Article of the same price.


For any further information or questions, for a follow-up Order, or to make use of the guarantee, the Customer must contact the Customer service between Monday to Friday from 11am to 7pm.


Items are guaranteed against conformity defects and latent defects under the conditions provided for in Articles 1641 to 1649 of the Civil Code and L 2171 and seq. of the Consumer Code, and this from the date of delivery:

1. Guarantee against hidden defects

  • Article 1641 of the Civil Code: A seller is bound to a warranty on account of the latent defects of the thing sold which render it unfit for the use for which it was intended, or which so impair that use that the buyer would not have acquired it, or would only have given a lesser price for it, had he known of them.
  • Article 1643 of the Civil Code: A seller is liable for latent defects, even though he did not know of them, unless the Seller has stipulated that he or she would not be bound to any warranty in that case.
  • Article 1644 of the Civil Code: In the cases of Articles 1641 and 1643, the buyer has the choice either of returning the thing and having the price repaid to him or of keeping the thing and having a part of the price repaid to him, as appraised by experts.
  • Article 1646: Where the seller did not know of the defects of the thing, he is only liable for restitution of the price and for reimbursing the buyer for the costs occasioned by the sale.
  • Article 1648 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code: The action resulting from redhibitory vices must be brought by the buyer “within a period of two years following the discovery of the vice” (Ord. no 2005-136 of 17 Feb. 2005).
  • Article L 217-4 of the Consumer Code: The Seller delivers a good in compliance with the contract and answers regarding lack of conformity existing during the delivery. The Seller also answers for lack of conformity resulting from the packaging, assembly or install instructions when it was determined by the contract that it was his/her responsibility.
  • Article L 217-5 of the Consumer Code: The good is conform with the contract.

1/ If it is proper for the intended use of a similar good and, if need be:

  • if it corresponds the description given by the Seller and has the qualities that he/she presented to the buyer in the form of a sample or a model.
  • if it presents the qualities a buyer can legitimately expect regarding the public declarations given by the Seller, by the producer or by his/her representative, including in ads or labelling.

2/ Or if it presents the characteristics defined by mutual agreement between both parties, or is proper for any specific usage researched by the buyer, and accepted by the Seller.

  • Article L. 217-7 paragraph 1 of the Consumer Code: The defects of conformity that appear within twenty-four months from the delivery of the goods are presumed to exist at the time of delivery, unless proven otherwise.
  • Article L. 217-9 of the Consumer Code: In case of lack of conformity, the buyer chooses between the repair and replacement of the property. However, the seller may not proceed according to the choice of the buyer if this choice entails a cost obviously disproportionate with respect to the other modality, taking into account the value of the good or the importance of the defect. He is then obliged to proceed, unless it is impossible, according to the method not chosen by the buyer.
  • Article L 217-10 of the Consumer Code: If the repair and replacement of the property are impossible, the buyer can return the property and be refunded the price or keep the property and get a part of the price. The same faculty is open to him:

1 / If the solution requested, proposed or agreed pursuant to Article L. 217-9 cannot be implemented within one month of the claim of the buyer.

2 / Or if this solution can not be without major inconvenience for this one taking into account the nature of the good and the use that it seeks.

  • The resolution of the sale cannot however be pronounced if the lack of conformity is minor.
  • Article L 217-11 of the Consumer Code: the provisions of Articles L. 217-9 and L. 217-10 are applied without any cost to the buyer. These same provisions do not prevent the award of damages.
  • Article L 217-12 of the Consumer Code: the action taken in the case of lack of conformity is prescribed by two years from the delivery of the goods.
  • The Customer may contact Husbands-paris via the Site Contact Form to collect any information relating to the application of these warranties. In accordance with Article 23 of these Terms and Conditions, the Customer will first contact Husbands-paris to find an amicable if the Customer intends to invoke one of the aforementioned guarantees.

This guarantee enables the Customer to return defective or non-compliant delivered Items for reimbursement under the aforementioned conditions


The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Order registration systems provide the proof for all transactions between Husbands-paris and the Customer.

The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the proof of acceptance of these Terms (and any updates) is characterized in checking off the words “I have read and accept the general conditions of sale” on the Order confirmation page, and this for each Order.

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the computer data stored in Husbands-paris computer servers is in reasonable security and integrity, and that this data is considered as proof of acceptance of the terms of the GCS and of all transactions between Husbands-paris and the Customer.

Consequently, unless Husbands-paris is proven to be in error by the Customer, the latter cannot contest the admissibility, validity or probative force of the GCS and of the Order, on the basis that certain documents must be written or signed to constitute proof.

These elements detailed in this convention constitute evidence and, if they are produced as such by Husbands-paris in any litigation or otherwise, they will be admissible, valid and enforceable in the same manner, under the same conditions and with the same probative force as any document that would be prepared, received or kept in writing.

At any time, the Customer may print, download, and keep a copy of the GCS in paper and electronic format.


Husbands-paris reserves the right to modify the information contained in the Site at any time without notice.

Husbands-paris undertakes the responsibility to describe with the utmost accuracy the Items sold on the Site and to ensure the updating of the information displayed in the best possible conditions.

The responsibility of Husbands-paris cannot be engaged in the event of the breach of one of its contractual obligations resulting from a fortuitous event or in a case of force majeure as defined under French jurisprudence. The force majeure is an external, unexpected event that cannot be predicted or prohibited.

In particular Husbands-paris will not be held responsible for any non-performance or delay in the execution of Orders, caused by events beyond its control (« Force Majeure Event”).

A Force Majeure Event includes any act, event, non-fulfillment, omission or accident beyond the control of Husbands-paris and includes in particular (a non-exhaustive list):

  1. Strikes, closures or other industrial actions.
  2. Civil unrest, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not), or threat or preparation for war
  3. Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disasters.
  4. Impossibility to use transport by rail, boat, aircraft, road or other means of private or public transport.
  5. Impossibility to use public and private telecommunications networks.
  6. Acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of all governments.
  7. Strike, failure or accidents in shipping, postal or other.

The execution of the GCS will be suspended for the duration of the Force Majeure Event and the delivery and delivery times will be extended accordingly. Husbands-paris will endeavor to find a solution allowing it to fulfill its contractual obligations in the case of Force Majeure.


Husbands-paris grants the Customer a limited license for personal use of the Site, excluding any professional or commercial use of the Site.

This Site or any part of this Site must not be reproduced, copied, sold, downloaded, modified or exploited for commercial or professional reasons without the prior, written and express permission of Husbands-paris.

The Customer must not use techniques to copy a trademark, logo or any other information (including images, text, models) owned by Husbands-paris without its express prior written consent.

Husbands-paris authorizes the Customer, on a non-exclusive and revocable basis, to create a hypertext link pointing to the home page of the Site, provided that this link does not prejudice the interests of Husbands-paris.

Under no circumstances will the creation of this hypertext link engage the responsibility of Husbands-paris, for any reason whatsoever.


The Customer is informed and agrees that his personal data may be collected on the Site and used by Husbands-paris acting as controller in the sense of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (hereinafter “General Data Protection Regulation” or “GDPR “).

Husbands-paris undertakes to protect and ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal data of its Customers in accordance with the GDPR, including taking all necessary precautions to prevent such data from being distorted, damaged or unauthorized third parties having access to it.

In particular, Customers’ personal data can be transmitted to the service providers and contractual partners who, as subcontractors according to the GDPR, intervene and contribute directly to Order management, and for whom it is absolutely necessary to access the personal details provided by Customers during the creation and use of their Accounts (first name, name, gender, postal addresses of billing and delivery, function within the company, email address, mobile phone number). Subcontractors may only act upon instruction from Husbands-paris.

The personal data of the Customers are collected for the following purposes:

  • Order management and customer relations;
  • Customer information relating to offers and commercial information related to the brand;
  • strengthening and improving the communication of the Website and the brand by sending, in particular, newsletters and special offers according to the preferences of the Customer as manifest on the Site;
  • the improvement and personalization of the services offered to the Customers;
  • providing secure platform by using Google reCaptcha to block any bots; and
  • compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

The Customers’ personal data is kept for the period strictly necessary for the purposes previously set out.

In accordance with the GDPR, the Customer has a right of access, rectification and opposition to personal data concerning him (hereinafter the “Data Protection Rights”).

To exercise one or more Rights and Freedoms, the Customer must send a request by email or mail to Husbands-paris Customer Service, by filling in the contact form on the Site or by writing to the following address indicating Last Name, First Name, e-mail address as well as Customer reference to : Husbands-paris Customer Service, 57 rue de Richelieu 75002 Paris FRANCE.

Each application must be signed and accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document bearing the Customer’s signature and specifying the reply address.

The response to the request made on the basis of one or more “Data Protection Rights” will be sent within 2 months of the receipt of the request.

The Customer may provide Husbands-paris with specific instructions as to the exercise, upon death, of the “Data Protection Rights” in accordance with the GDPR.


Husbands-paris may send Customers information regarding Brand Items and commercial offers by mail, email or all Husbands-paris hosted webs on social media, subject to prior acceptance.

The Customer has at any time the right to oppose commercial prospecting at no cost, by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link in each email or, by submitting the request to the shop, via the Site’s contact form, or by post at 57, rue de Richelieu, 75002 Paris FRANCE.


Husbands-paris is the exclusive owner of the intellectual property rights of the following elements (the list is not exhaustive):

  • On the Items offered on the Site;
  • On the Site, including its arborescence, the organization and titling of its headings, the visual and graphic identity, its design, its ergonomics, its features, software, texts, animated or still images, sounds, know-how, drawings, graphics and any other element making up the Site;
  • On the databases, their structure and content, designed and managed by Husbands-paris for the purposes of editing the Site;
  • On all the elements of conception of the Site whether graphic or technical;
  • On names, acronyms, logos, colors, graphics, or other symbols that could be used, made or implemented by Husbands-paris.

It is therefore prohibited to reproduce in any form whatsoever, directly or indirectly, the elements referred to in this Article, as well as to alter the trademarks, patents, names, acronyms, logos, colors, graphics or other symbols appearing on the elements made available within the Site.

As such, the reproduction or use of all or parts of these elements is only authorized for personal and private use; any reproduction or use of copies made for other purposes is expressly prohibited.


Given the possible evolution of the Site and its regulations, Husbands-paris reserves the right to modify the GCS at any time.

Only the GCS in effect at the time of the acceptance of the contract will be opposable to the Customer.

New terms and conditions will, if necessary, be brought to the attention of the Customer by the modification of the appropriate page of the Site. New terms and conditions will, if necessary, be brought to the attention of the Customer by the modification of the appropriate page of the Site.

The latest version of the Terms and Conditions can be downloaded from the appropriate page of the Site in the manner indicated in the Preamble.


The present Terms are all subject to French law.

In case of dispute, the Customer will first contact Husbands-paris to find an amicable solution with Customer service.

In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code concerning the amicable settlement of disputes, Husbands-paris adheres to the FEVAD e-Commerce Mediator Service (Federation of e-commerce and distance selling) whose contact details are the following: 60 Rue The Boétie – 75008 Paris –

After a prior written agreement with Husbands-paris, the Customer may consult the Mediator Service on any unresolved consumer dispute.

In addition, the European Commission has set up an online dispute resolution platform. The platform is accessible at the following link:

Any dispute will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts of the Customer’s place of residence, in the absence of an amicable agreement between the Customer and Husbands-paris.

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