Bryan Ferry is a major artist, who, over 50 years of career, has composed an offbeat style that has left an undeniable mark on his generation. In 1972, Roxy Music releases the single Virginia Plain on Top of the Pops. The success is immediate. The members of the group, influenced by their time at the Winchester School of Art, adventurously mix musical and clothing styles without fear of bad taste, or being kitsch: leopard skin jackets, leather shirts, white double-breasted jackets with large lapels — their innovative style knows no limits.

Eight Albums later, Ferry leaves the group after major success in the USA. The following year marks the debut of his solo career and a radical change of roles. Fascinated in his teenage years by Gary Cooper and Cary Grant, as well as the films of Jean Renoir, the singer finds his uniform in the codified universe of black tie.

Exchanging his white double-breasted jacket for a black one, Ferry no longer mixes, but creates.

English suits and Italian shoes follow a period of Japanese deconstruction. His persona of the crooner brings him into the fold of reserved tailoring, which he marks by a touch of transgression: beige unstructured suits, tweed jackets with oversized lapels, and unruly ties.

A contemporary master of understatement, Bryan Ferry has developed a style of elegant, affirmed discretion.

FERRY, Bryan. Holland Park, London, United-Kingdom. 1976. 

DICKSON, Ian, phot. FERRY Bryan. London, United-Kingdom. 1976. 

RAHO, Allessendro, art. Bryan Ferry. oil on canvas, 126 x 88 cm. 2014. 

FERRY, Bryan. London. 1975. 

    « Few words, to outline the men who punctuate his films. »
    « revealing as work of ghosts, a little black, a little red, a little brown – tweed-clad Englishmen, too elegant for Venetian apex »
    « birth of the white jeans; from a disregarded choice to enticing youthfulness and cinematic appeal »
    « the suits that populairzed the urban wardrobes by lightening the silhouettes, complimented by a contrast colored tie »
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