In vogue during the 1970s when the material was rediscovered by several fashion houses, the loden was adopted by an intellectual elite.


Initially intended as workwear for Scottish peasants and workers, the flannel production process was later refined into a more valuable fabric suitable for suiting.


The 3-piece suit, or full suit (jacket, trousers and waistcoat) appeared in Great Britain under the impetus of King Charles II who introduced it into the dress code of the Court in 1666. English aristocrats were already wearing long jackets with trousers made of the same fabric, but King Charles II added a 3rd element: […]


cashmere • natural fibre of animal origin, derived from the long winter undercoat of cashmere goats, sheared or brushed off the chest during their spring moult. Its name comes from the region of Kashmir, where this fibre was originally processed. Its production and manufacture are limited to the geographical area of origin of the goats, […]


All our “shouldered” garments are made in the same workshop in the suburbs of Naples. A first workshop was founded in 1954. The company took advantage of the post-war economic miracle and hired some forty experienced tailors. In the 70s, the factory worked for the most notorious Italian luxury houses. In 2006 the workshop was […]


The wool twill is one of the most important weavings of the classic wardrobe, giving their structures to many fabrics: gabardine, tweed, cavalry twill or denim. Technically, it is a matter of passing the weft wire over the chain wire while preserving a slight lag between the wires. Thus, this weaving allows the creation of […]


The origin of the pea coat goes back to the 17th century. English sailors were the first to adopt this coarse woollen garment, warm enough to face the elements. Later on, the coat was reserved for pilots, which gave the coat the English name of P-Coat and then Pea Coat The pea coat is recognisable […]


Velvet is neither a material nor a fabric, it is a particular type of weave – and a complex one at that. Consisting of a simple weave (which constitutes its basic structure) to which is attached an additional thread, called pile yarn. This pile yarn is cut to give the fabric its satin appearance. Velvet […]

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