wool from the cashgora goat, born from the crossing between the cashmere goat and the Angora goat – combines the delicacy of cashmere with the brightness of Angora – also known for its resistance, its whiteness, its elasticity and its insulating power


wool or cotton fabric, tightly woven with fine parallel oblique ribs – relatively elastic and very resistant, from military uniforms – rope texture – used for winter clothing


discreet pattern created by the weaving that melts away as soon as you move away from it to form a shaded color also called birdseye


small front left pocket located at armpit level – on a jacket, often made in the form of a rectangle of fabric on the bias (upper left side) that hides an opening – on husbands jackets, a travetto is present on the upper left corner – the chest pocket can be plated on shirts and […]


(English clan, from Gaelic clann) – the clan is the grouping of members of a large family, all descended from a common ancestor, and recognizing the patriarchal authority of the clan leader


natural cellulosic textile fiber constituting the seminal hairs that grow on the surface of the seeds of the cotton plant – used according to weight for summer suits or for all-season pants – use a very heavy cotton to reduce wrinkling


the bottom of a pair of pants arrives unfinished in order to leave the choice of the length of the leg and the hem type – for a cuffed bottom the fabric is folded towards the outside, the wearer can thus choose the height and the width of his cuff – a kick tape (a […]


(fabric from Nîmes) – very strong cotton fabric, in twill weave with indigo blue warp and ecru weft

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