NINO, 1970

Nino Cerruti wanted to be a journalist. But in 1950, he gave up his studies to take over the family run fabric manufacturing business founded by his grand-father. To Nino, comfort is the sine qua non condition for elegance, which is why he innovates to create new yarns, new weaves and new finishes; then launches […]


“I’ve never seen Albert wear jeans – he usually wears trousers.” – Nick Valensi Albert Hammond Jr. is one of the five members of The Strokes. And if each one has his own style, Hammond is special for his love of suits. The guitarist willingly admits not knowing anything about fashion itself. He draws his […]

RALPH, 1971

Ralph Lifschitz was brought up in the Bronx. In 1967, he started his business with a range of ties named Polo. He then began designing clothes and in 1974 the costumes of The Great Gatsby were all from his menswear Polo collection – except for one pink suit he custom-made for Robert Redford. A casual […]


An essential figure from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. Edward VII is to be remembered for his impact on men’s fashion. The son of Queen Victoria, crowned king in 1901, is a great hedonist. He regularly visits France, participates in the biggest social evenings and multiplies the mistresses. Its status allows […]


Bryan Ferry is a major artist, who, over 50 years of career, has composed an offbeat style that has left an undeniable mark on his generation. In 1972, Roxy Music releases the single Virginia Plain on Top of the Pops. The success is immediate. The members of the group, influenced by their time at the […]


Picasso is known for successfully having modelled his own image. His ability to present himself through his style comes second only to his success as an artist —however, both bear the same motto: « learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist ». Picasso is conscious of his social surroundings and […]


Paul Weller was a key cultural figure in the second half of the twentieth century. Paul Weller’s 50 years of activity have made him a musical and stylistic icon. Youth between skinhead and mod aesthetics During his youth, he crossed mod and skinhead styles: fitted 3-button suits, Fred Perry or Ben Shermann polos, buttoned to […]

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