The houndstooth pattern is created by a particular weave repeated identically. It is a “yarn dyed” pattern : the threads of fabric are dyed before weaving. The houndstooth pattern is thus created through the weaving phase. The interlacing of the patterns is done by weaving the same number of weft threads above and below. A […]


Johnstons of Elgin factory has been producing some of the finest knitwear in the world for 224 years. The main spinning mill was opened in 1797, when Alexander Johnston was only 27 years old. The factory is located in Scotland in the town of Elgin on the banks of the river Lossie. THE MACHINE Johnstons […]


“As a band, like a thousand others, we all went to a shoe shop called Anello & Davide anourselves Beatle boots, which were basically Spanish dancing boots. They were a cool thing before the Beatles, but afterwards they were mandatory.” – Mick Fletwood 1837 : birth of the chelsea boot In 1837, Princess Alexandrina Victoria […]


The river that runs between England and Scotland is the Tweed. By extension, the carded woollen fabrics made on its banks are named after it. Around 1850, the tailor Humann made the first sports suits out of tweed. It was then used to make robust jackets for Scottish farmers and fishermen. This wild wool, which […]


The western shirt appeared at the beginning of the 19th century, during the conquest of the West. The outposts that welcomed the settlers were cosmopolitan; a cultural mix conducive to the creation of the first western shirts. The shirt is the result of a cultural mix: inspired by the traditional Mexican shirts worn by the […]


The Boy-scouts of America (BSA) are an association founded in 1910 by William D.Boyce. The once small movement quickly became bigger following the two world wars, under the impulsion of a exacerbated patriotic fervour. From the outset, and with the desire of order and thoroughness, a uniform is imposed on the young boyscouts. It is […]


The trench-coat was invented in 1914 by Thomas Burberry in order to equip the British army officers. It first bears the name of « tietocken », before being named « trench-coat » during the First World War. 1880 : Invention of the trench-coat by Thomas Burberrys Le trench-coat est un manteau croisé aux manches de […]


« The ‘Prince of Wales’ will be king this spring. » – Adam, February 1939. The Prince of Wales Check is a complex pattern whose existence goes back to the XIXth century. It is shaped from a Glen Urquhart Check on which superimposes a windowpane check that can be blue, green, red or simply black. […]


Aboard a submarine, water, oxygen and space get scarce. While on duty, submariners don’t see the light of day for months. World War I: Royal Navy endowment During the First World War, the Admiralty adapted its rules for the British Royal Navy submariners. The crew’s hygiene is less strict, the style is more casual, and […]


The Solaro, developed by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, is at first a technical fabric, designed to protect its wearer from ultraviolet rays. It is invented in 1907 by Louis Westenra Sambonn, an oncologist specialised in tropical diseases. Invention of the first technical fabric for colonial troops The fabric is quickly adopted […]

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